Papa John's
CheddArburger Pizza

Papa John's was releasing a cheddarburger pizza. So we decided to cover its conception.
Role: Idea and copy.

Papa John's
Letter of recommendation

Papa John's knows that finding a job after college can be hard. So we went to social media to give recent grads a "supreme" advantage over the competition.
Role: Idea and copy.


Papa John's
NFL Sponsorship

Papa John's puts passion and detail into every pizza they make.
So this season they're taking notice of the NFL's unsung heroes, who use that same level of passion to make every game day possible.
Role: Assisted with content and supporting elements.


Let The show begin

The NFL is more than football. It's the longest running drama on tv. And now the 2017 season is here. Let the show begin.
Role: Assisted with content, visuals and supporting elements.


Skip the bull

Featured: April Fool's Day 2016 most shared posts.
Role: Idea and copy.